100 Funniest Movie Moments

Save your $10 bucks, get a guaranteed good seat, and avoid those screaming babies, ‘cause Bravo is bringing the movie theatre to you! Take every funny line you’ve heard (and can’t stop quoting), every scene that makes you laugh (‘til you can’t stop peeing your pants), and every funny movie that you’ve seen so many times it basically lives in your DVD player – and what do you get? Bravo’s Top 100 Greatest Funny Movies. Counting down over 4 hours, Bravo’s giving you an inside look at all your favorite funny movies, all their best, most sidesplitting scenes, and all the actors who’ve kept us cracking up year after year. So silence your cell phones, and get ready to choke on your Junior Mints and spit out your soda – this is Bravo’s presentation of the 100 Funniest Movie Moments.