20 Most Outrageous Moments

Welcome to 20 MOST OUTRAGEOUS BRAVO MOMENTS, where your top 20 favorite moments will be featured in one big show–now that’s one serious fix for those cravings for petty bickering, dramatic tears and hilarious twists and turns. And that means there’ll be no end to BRAVO’s best moments from PROJECT GREENLIGHT and PROJECT RUNWAY to TOP CHEF and TOP DESIGN. There’ll be WORKOUT moments and QUEER EYE classics, not to mention PAULA flipping out, moments of mayhem from FLIPPING OUT itself and more! And you can count on absolutely everyone being there–from all those crazy contestants and clients, hot housewives and house-flippers, pets and their proud mommas and poppas–and not to mention all your favorite BRAVO reality TV hosts and tastemakers! From Bobby Brown and his unique affection for Preparation H to Kathy Griffin and her special take on life, to Angela and Jeffrey as they battle it out down the runway and of course Ms. Padma Lakshmi as she heats up the kitchen–even Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will be back as they struggle to get their Greenlight! Andy Cohen will be our host, guiding viewers from one savory reality morsel to the next reality TV nugget. Because what’s better than watching every BRAVO show you’re totally obsessed with? Watching them all together in one show! So sit back and enjoy 20 MOST OUTRAGEOUS BRAVO MOMENTS.