30 Holiday Decorating Hits & Misses

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Now just hold your reindeer people! Because before you get all hopped up on eggnog and break into the tinsel stash up in your attic, HGTV is taking you on a 60-minute holiday-happy joy ride through this holiday season’s definitive list of decorating HITS and MISSES. Sure you don’t want to be the only Scrooged-out house on the block, you also don’t want to be THAT house on the block either (that’s right, we’re talking to all you Clark W. Griswald-worshipping, life-sized, light-up Santa snow globe-loving people!). While we commend your un-snuffable holiday spirit, we’re out to ensure that every neighborhood has a happy, healthy and “tasteful” holiday decorating season! Welcome to HGTV’s 30 HOLIDAY DECORATING HITS & MISSES.