Bert the Conqueror


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They are the most extreme and extraordinary, bizarre and absurd, but undeniably entertaining blood pumping, heart-racing, sweaty-palm-inducing, right of passage thrills on Earth. They make grown men scream like little girls and send even the toughest tough guy’s heart rate into overdrive. Bungee jumpingout the side of a helicopter; launching off a high dive to land the world’s gnarliest belly flop; and crawling across mud so thick it sucks your shorts off. They’re crazy, they’re extreme, and he’s out to conquer it all–he is, after all, BERT THE CONQUEROR!

In each episode of BERT THE CONQUEROR our man Bert is rolling into one town with his eyes on one specific prize–this town is the home of one major challenge, event or competition that’s unlike any other, anywhere else in the world. It’s something he’s never done before, isn’t totally sure how to do it in the first place, and to be totally honest, he’s not completely convinced he’ll make it out alive! He’s on a mission! Seeking out the people, places, and events that make a normal trip an abnormal adventure, our host will experience the absolute coolest, most insane, and extraordinary things the area has to offer. So he’ll employ as much pseudo, pop culture, cocktail-napkin science he can get his hands on; bringing a fun layer of science to each show that will essentially map out how the heck this guy is going to attempt these crazy challenges. But whether he wins victoriously or loses gloriously, either way he’s coming to town an amateur and leaving a legend!

So just who is this BERT character, anyway? He’s neither a pro athlete, nor an extreme sports athlete. Really he’s just a hilarious, fun-loving guy whose energy is contagious. He’ll never turn down a dare, he’ll try just about anything once, and no matter whether he’s winning, losing, or getting totally stomped on, chances are he’s still probably having the most fun of anyone. He’s a man who loves a good thrill and seeks them out willingly, but just hasn’t gotten the chance to experience enough of them–until now. BERT THE CONQUEROR is in it to win it, and he’s bringing you along for the ride!