Extreme Halloween

As if Halloween wasn’t scary enough, we’re celebrating the biggest, the boldest and the absolute best of what Halloween has to offer. In this hour, we’re traveling the country in search of all things extreme Halloween and showcasing the nation in all its dark and stormy glory. So get ready to get spooked because you’re coming along for the ride as we go behind the scenes and experience first hand the most outrageously extreme customs, events and happenings that Halloween has to offer.

We take you inside the most extreme haunted attractions, from a haunted house in Las Vegas with an entire theme park inside to a New Orleans haunt so convincing authorities tried to shut it down. Expert interviews interwoven with POV action, all filmed in brilliant HD, bring new dimension to the scares that make these haunted houses the most over-the-top. Then, prepare to get lost in a mind bogglingly massive corn maze that confounds visitors for hours. And if big is what you want it doesn’t stop there! We showcase record-breaking behemoth pumpkins and take you through the world’s largest Halloween superstore. From big to just plain bizarre, our whirlwind tour of “Halloween’s Most Extreme” continues with a glimpse inside the most unique customs around the nation, including morbid Halloween weddings, coffin racing and underwater pumpkin carving.

Lock the doors and prepare to scream…this is “Halloween’s Most Extreme”.