Fabulous Life

Take a fast-paced, first class joy ride through the world of lavish living and luxury. From the hills of Hollywood to Wall Street, we’re giving you an all-access look inside the lives of the extremely rich and famous, from their fortune-building careers to their outrageously indulgent leisure. We’re talking about a lifestyle where absolutely everything comes top-of-the-line, VIP treatment is non-stop and multi-million-dollar price tags are the norm. From fleets of cars to massive mega-mansions and more, these famous faces and billionaire ballers are living what we call, The Fabulous Life.

A lighthearted blend of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and the Forbes 400 List, each episode combines expert interviews, investigative field segments and voyeuristic footage with Sharp Entertainment’s signature fun and fast-paced graphics, giving you an extraordinary glimpse into The Fabulous Life like you’ve never seen before.