The Lottery Changed My Life

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There’s old money, there’s new money…and then  there’s instant money – an extraordinary phenomenon that’s created an entirely new breed of person: The Lottery Winner. One minute they’re struggling to pay the bills, and the next minute they’re cashing an enormous check that sets their family up for generations. And while the stories of these bigtime lottery wins are  dramatic and emotional, they also create surreal–even hilarious – situations for these winners. This select group lives in an odd corner of The American Dream, where fancy cars sit in the driveways of rundown homes, designer duds are mixed with lowbrow lifestyles, and the simple pleasures are taken to over thetopextremes in bizarre and humorous ways. THE LOTTERY CHANGED MY LIFE is sending you straight inside this oneofakind world on an experiential journey that explores this jaw-dropping spot in society where, in an instant, the rules are thrown completely out of the window and absolutely anything is possible.