Lady Hoggers

Throughout the American South, an estimated 4 Р5 million feral hogs are raining hell across countless acres of land. These wild creatures are capable of clearing an entire acre of farmland in one night, all by themselves. But these brutes, that can grow to over 700 pounds with six-inch, razor sharp teeth run in herds.  They are ready to destroy any agriculture that stands in their way, infecting livestock with disease and even unleashing their rage with attacks on humans. This invasive species has no natural predators.

But luckily, in the heart of Florida, a group of hog hunters known affectionately as Hoggers are traveling far and wide, answering the call before these big, bad beasts can do any more damage. It takes a special kind of human to master a special kind of hog and Gary Stamper, Christine Chreene, and Julie Snead are just those kinds of people.