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How does an object impact a culture? And how does a culture impact that object? What changes occur so that it continues to resonate in our culture? LOVE/LUST, the new series on Sundance Channel takes objects, themes, and trends from culture, and breaks them down to unlock the historical, social and pop culture moments that turned those simple little ideas into the cultural tour-de-force we see everywhere today.

Each hour-long episode will dig deep into the origin and evolution of various items, from fashion and food to sex and society, exploring one thing that we can’t get enough of. Starting with its significance today, tracking back to its genesis and then coming full circle through its journey and evolution through time, by episode’s end everyone will know, unequivocally, how we got here.  Blending fast-paced, exciting visuals with the expertise and know-how of professionals across the globe, LOVE/LUST delivers an entertaining and definitive account of how life’s cultural touchstones progressed from obscurity to universality.