Man v. Food

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Join Casey Webb for the stomach-rumbling ride that is the Travel Channel’s MAN V. FOOD, as he continues his culinary quest across the country in search of the most iconic “pig-out” food joints this great land has to offer.

Each episode we find Casey in a different US city mingling with the locals, immersing himself in the sites, sounds and most importantly, taking a fork to the local fare–fried up, stewed down, grilled over, piled high, flattened out or however they happen to be serving it!

After satiating his thirst for the history behind each region’s unique flavors and local hot spots, Casey (and his insatiable appetite) attempts to take on the city’s toughest food challenge. Whether its the daunting 7.5 lbs Sasquatch Burger in Memphis, a toppings-fest of a 13-pound pizza in Atlanta or the insane heat of the Atomic Hot Wings platter in Pittsburgh, there is nothing he won’t attempt in the name of ultimate food glory!

For our fun-loving host, eating is about so much more than just three square meals a day. His love affair with food is a fiery passion fueled by a mixture of his quest for new gastronomical experiences, his seasoned palette, extensive restaurant experience and his collection of culinary skills–making him the perfect candidate to be our tasting tour guide on this coast-to-coast grub-fest!

So toss out that restaurant guidebook and tune in, because Casey and his insatiable appetite are on a journey to uncover the foods American Dreams are made of–on and off the beaten path!