Pet Psychic Encounters

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Millions of people have witnessed the magical and mystical powers of renowned animal communicator and pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick. Over the past 15 years she’s employed her powers to help thousands of pets and owners to communicate with one another and to overcome countless obstacles. From uncovering revealing pasts and animal behavior to locating lost or stolen pets, her work is undeniably captivating. But while animals provide plenty of daily drama for Sonya, it’s humans who have turned out to be even MORE of a handful–specifically speaking, her own family! Because with two children, two grandchildren, a pestering ex-husband and nagging son-in-law (not to mention an entire additional furry family of 5 dogs and 4 cats), it’s plenty more than most could handle! Between her clients’ mysterious pet dilemmas and her constant family commotion, there’s truly never a dull moment in the fabulous and frenzied, animal-obsessed world of the Fitzpatrick household! And PET PSYCHIC ENCOUNTERS is taking you straight into the action and behind the scenes of Sonya’s incredible work and eccentric family life, showing you Sonya Fitzpatrick, as you’ve never seen her before.