Property Wars

Across America, a new breed of prospector has emerged ready to stake a claim in the latest gold rush…foreclosure auctions.   In Property Wars, hot-shot real estate investors in Phoenix, Arizona aim to win a quality house for pennies on the dollar that they can flip for a potential profit of tens-of-thousands of dollars, in a single day.   Like every gold rush, there is money to be made, but it takes guts because every house must be bought sight unseen without every stepping foot inside the front door!

With banks owning so many properties and looking to unload at unbelievable discounts, it is estimated that foreclosed house sales will make up 10% of all house sales this year.   For those who have the nerve, the cash in hand and a gambling streak, it’s a rush unlike any other.   Every episode we’re following 4 teams of real estate investors who are making their living bidding against one another and others in these high stake auctions as they go from the INVESTIGATION of the houses up for auction, to the gut-wrenching AUCTIONS themselves, through the revealing INSPECTION where we see inside the home for the first time! Bids will be cast, houses will be inspected, and fortunes will be made and lost.   This is the wild world of Property Wars.