The iPod Revolution

Get ready to step into the music revolution when you tune into Discovery Channel’s presentation of The iPod Revolution! Because in the next hour we’ll give you the unbelievable story of the little device that not only made a huge difference in how we listen to music, but that changed the music industry as we know it forever. We’ll give you a front seat to the backroom drama as we hear the stories of this top-secret development project from the people who created this new technology. With key interviews and fascinating footage, this fast paced special follows the iPod’s rapid rise that triggered Apple’s transformation from a diminishing computer company into a Music Industry powerhouse! Above all, however, The iPod Revolution reveals the untold stories of competition, failure, triumph, disgrace, ingenuity, deceit, betrayal, fatal mistakes and momentous tipping points from the iPod’s past. It’s time to take off your ear buds and put your iPhone on vibrate, this is The iPod Revolution!