Call of the Wildman

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In the wild woods of Kentucky Ernie Brown Jr., known to many as The Turtleman, is revered for his daring heroics and miraculous feats with animals. Loved for his charm and his hands on approach to nuisance calls, Ernie’s about to take on ¬†some of the most wild and bizarre calls these woods have ever seen. From raccoons and possums to snakes and skunks, people come from miles around to see the living legend that is the Turtleman, in live action. Ernie’s been diving into Kentucky’s murkiest ponds and wrangling feisty snapping turtles capable of biting through bone with his bare hands for over four decades, and he’s picked up a whole lot of Bluegrass knowledge along the way. Join Turtleman, his canine companion Lolly and all their friends as Ernie ¬†uses pure instinct and his bare hands to go toe-to-claw with some of the most dangerous critters Kentucky has ever seen, on CALL OF THE WILDMAN.