Extreme Couponing

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Americans toss out $57 billion worth of coupons each year. But for smart shoppers, coupons are the difference between spending and saving hundreds, or sometimes, thousands of dollars. In   the   last year   alone,   3.3   billion   coupons   were   clipped,   printed   &   scanned. Over the last several years, an entirely new breed of coupon clipper has emerged. Welcome to the age of the Extreme Couponer! These   people   aren’t   just   looking  to   save   a   few   dollars   here   and   there;   instead,   they’re   looking   to   cash   in   on   some   serious  savings.   And  on EXTREME COUPONING they’re doing it by any means necessary!

From dumpster diving for coupons to charting weekly store circulars, creating elaborate math formulas and stocking up on as many products as possible, with nearly 400 billion coupons printed every year, the rush of savings can be an extreme thrill for any shopper. We’ll   see   basements,  pantries,   and   cupboards–all   filled   to   the   brim   with   row   after   row   and   shelf   after   shelf   of  stocked   merchandise.   Two‐car   garages   filled   entirely   with   shelving   units   devoted   strictly   to   box after   box   of   detergent,   cereal,   diapers,   and   deodorant,   razors,   canned   goods,   condiments   and  toiletries.   These   in‐home   set‐ups   will   be   unlike   anything   you’ve   ever   seen.

There  was  the  way  your  Grandma  clipped  coupons,  and  there  is  today’s  EXTREME COUPONING–savings   taken   to   the   absolute   limits.   These   people   aren’t   just   your   everyday  bargain   hunters   who   love   to   save   a   buck and we’re about to take you into their one-of-a-kind world, where they’re redefining the definition of a “deal” by going to any and every length imaginable to save. This is EXTREME COUPONING!