Celebrity Nightmares Decoded

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Nightmares and dreams–the inner workings of our deepest unconscious thoughts– are as telling, fascinating, and revealing as it gets. But what secrets are hidden in those dreams? Lauren Lawrence knows and she’s bringing her celebrity dream analysis to television on Bio Channel’s CELEBRITY NIGHTMARES DECODED.

In this riveting series, your favorite celebrities and personalities take you into their minds by describing their dreams and nightmares in harrowing detail. And when they finish recalling the stories of their sleep state, that’s when the decoding begins. Lauren Lawrence, the lauded celebrity dream decoder, will dig in to each and every detail the celebrity subject has divulged. She’ll uncover hidden meanings and discover unbelievable connections, revealing things even our celebrity subject may not have known until now. Lauren will find meaning in everything from colors and patterns to symbols and signs, revealing one piece of the puzzle at a time.

Join Lauren and her unique brand of analysis, part therapy and part psychic reading, as she gets celebrities to open up in ways they never expected and explores their minds, one nightmare at a time!