Extreme Cheapskates

Most people love a bargain. But there’s a very special group of people for whom getting deals and squeezing the most out of every penny is the all-encompassing focus of their lives. EXTREME CHEAPSKATES follows some of the most obsessed penny-pinchers in the country. Their scrimping and saving extends to every element in their lives, and often changes the way they do business Рfrom the Pilates instructor who uses tire inner tubes instead of expensive resistance bands; the beautician who makes spa essentials from products made for animals; the realtor who saves thousands on staging homes for sale by having her son truck in their own furniture; the culinary class instructor who scavenges street weeds and dumpster dives for ingredients.

For all the over-the-top behaviors, each episode of EXTREME CHEAPSTAKES offers real life tips that can help anyone save money – whether it be packing the refrigerator to cut energy costs, making no-cost free weights out of milk containers and sand, or taking inexpensive wine and improving its taste by running it through a high-speed blender.