In dire situations, man’s greatest survival tool is the strength, comradeship and skill of the people he is with — so long as he can stand them. Tethered sees two strangers from opposite backgrounds and philosophies embark on a journey across treacherous terrain on a mission to find rescue and freedom. Dropped at the meeting point with just the six-foot cable that binds them together, a basic map and a limited survival kit, the polar opposite pairing has 10 to 12 days to overcome their differences and collaborate in order to escape the wild. The tethered duos may have to learn the hard way that the best way to survive is to stick together.

From fighting hypothermia and dehydration, to trekking through bear-infested woods, avoiding alligators in the Louisiana swamps and surviving thousands of endless insect bites, each duo is in for a wild ride. There is certainly no shortage of chills and thrills — one pair must swim across shark-infested waters in Panama, while another finds themselves hanging over a waterfall after making a hasty decision.

The people appearing in Tethered have varying degrees of survival experience — from none to some! — but all are eager for a life-changing experience that will either forge lifelong friends or arch enemies in the process!