Visit Network WebsiteClimb aboard and brace yourself as we crisscross the nation to reveal the absolute best of what the US of A has to offer–to the total EXTREME. From festivals, restaurants and roadside attractions to unbelievable towns, competitions and bathrooms, each uniquely themed episode will serve up one serious dose of all things extreme. From the fun and the frightening to the wild and the weird, the EXTREME series is bringing you the most extreme and utterly insane people, places and things from sea to shining sea.

We’ll strap into the fastest, highest, most heart-racing adventures as we fly coast-to-coast to discover the most EXTREME ADRENALINE RUSHES on the continent. We’re talking bungee-jumping out of helicopters, racing NASCAR-style on the Talladega Super Speedway and performing flips in the air at over 200 mph–so trust us, when we say extreme, we mean EXTREME. We’ll wrestle alligators, swim with sharks and ride bulls as we reveal America’s most EXTREME ANIMAL ADVENTURES. We’ll even uncover the biggest, most cheese-drowned pizzas, the most deliciously mouth watering burgers and the spiciest hot sauces around in EXTREME PIG OUT JOINTS. And as each episode explores its own singular theme, some weeks might take on one entire theme–think mind blowing hotels, amazing amusements, insane cruise ships and extreme resorts or even hidden restaurants, hotels and bars–the possibilities are endless!

And with the American landscape as our natural backdrop, Sharp Entertainment’s own style of fun, fast-paced graphics, combined with a lively, entertaining voiceover, we are reintroducing viewers to this country in a way they’ve never seen or experienced before–because it’s all to the total EXTREME.