Ask Aida

The only interactive cooking show around where all your questions, comments, anecdotes, cooking disasters and dilemmas are welcome. But forget snail mailing your questions or leaving them on our voicemail, because at ASK AIDA, we want your questions uploaded, iChatted or sent via email or text! (Some cooking techniques and traditions remain the same for generations, but we’re moving this kitchen along into the 21st century!) ASK AIDA takes the anything-goes style of NPR’s “Car Talk” and mixes it with the YouTube video questioning of the “You Tube Democratic Presidential Debates,” replacing the “call-in” question with the viewer-generated video question. And in Aida’s kitchen, absolutely ANYTHING goes–Aida takes on our viewers’ questions (no matter the topic) and going where no other show has gone before–in your stove, in your pantry, under the sponge, behind those old leftovers in the very back of your fridge and even into that second fridge in the basement (gasp!). But who is this Aida? Aida Mollenkamp is a Food Editor at and is more than ready to dig into all your kitchen questions and concerns. After studying cooking in Italy and France, and graduating with a Grand Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu Paris (where she studied both culinary and pastry arts, Aida brings ample experience to the kitchen counter).