Most Outrageous Animals

Animals are cute and talented. But nothing is more adorable or amazing then when they go above and beyond all our animal-obsessed expectations and go that extra step — becoming the “MOST OUTRAGEOUS.” From musically talented to trick-tastic, the cutest to the ugliest, those who surf the Pacific to those who hold Guinness World records — ANIMAL PLANET is bringing you 6 hours of the most unbelievable, extreme, and over-the-top MOST OUTRAGEOUS ANIMALS. Each themed episode features a number of animals, the people who love them, and the stories behind them like none you’ve ever seen before. These shows cover it all — their looks, their digs, their talents, the crazy competitions they compete in around the world, and two special behind-the-scenes episodes — Sea World and Busch Gardens!! This is ANIMAL PLANET’S Most Outrageous!